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Ease your digital frustration 

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, SEO Consultant and Copywriter, I love to work with authors and entrepreneurs as well as local businesses, because I’ve been all of these at one point. I understand the frustrations and difficulties you face, in trying to sell your products and services online. I faced those same difficulties as a self publisher, blogger and video producer.

I also see first hand how my clients are totally frustrated and overwhelmed with trying to bring their local businesses online in a way that helps them sell more products and services. In working with local businesses I learned to use words to rank their websites very high in their niche, which helps bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in leads and sales each year.

Attracting more qualified visitors to your website, means more customers, better conversions from lead to sale, and more sales, which ultimately means more money in your pocket. That’s what I want for you because when your sales increase to meet and even overtake your targets, you’ll be very happy, and you will probably want to continue working with me 🙂

Gain clarity on what you want and need to get things really moving in your business.

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Strategy Wins It

Using strategy and technical know-how, I will help you rank your business higher in search engines and attract more leads and sales. Using search engine optimization, in-depth keyword research, targeted copywriting and streamlined systems, you’ll be able to work less and make more money.

These strategies create a foundation online that supports your business, brings more targeted visitors to your website and converts them into paying customers.

Your Customized Digital Marketing Strategy includes:

  • In-depth Keyword Research in your Niche

  • Copywriting to Attract your Ideal Clients/Customers

  • Sales Funnel for your Products and Services
  • Editing to Correct Errors in text and links

  • On Page and Post Search Engine Optimization

  • Harmonize your Online Presence

  • Directory Listings (where applicable)

  • Social Media Business Pages
  • Site Audit and Repair Errors and Warnings


Add Ons:

  • Website Design and Upgrading

  • Social Media Posting with SEO

  • Pay Per Click Advertising on Facebook, Adwords and elsewhere


Targeted focus on your results and you get the attention, guidance and support you require to meet your goals.

Are you ready to finally get the strategies and foundation in place to rock it on the internet?

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~ Your Success Is My Passion


Here are some important issues to consider about the effectiveness of your online campaigns. You may learn key tips just by reading this list:

  • Is your website working to sell your products and services?
  • Your clients may be looking for your phone number, or they may need to find the hours and days of the week your business is open

  • They might like to check your daily, weekly or monthly specials.

  • Maybe they are searching for a map and a way to your physical address. 

  • They could be searching on Social Networks like Facebook or Twitter, are your business pages up to date there?

  • Do your directory listings show the same information as your Google Business Page or are the addresses and other information slightly different, confusing search engines? Is your business even listed?

  • Is your website search engine optimized for the specific keywords used by your customers to search for and buy your products and services?

  • Do you have positive reviews posted for your business?

  • Does your name come up when people search products and services like yours, in your area?

  • Is your website responsive, adjusting photos, text and menus to the device (phone, tablet, desktop computer) people are using?

  • Is your website talking to your ideal customer or attracting a lot of tire kickers?

  • Is your advertising campaign optimized for maximum conversions and minimum cost?

  • Is your advertising bringing more customers to your website? Can they quickly call or email your business directly from their device? Are you tracking these conversions?

  • Do you have the correct analytics? What reports are you seeing?

  • Can people email you through your website?

  • Are you collecting names and emails when people visit your site?

  • Are all links to your products, services and affiliates working correctly?

  • Is the money you are spending online bringing you more sales?

  • Who are your competitors? What are they doing online and are you outranking them in search engines?

  • Are you tired of wasting time worrying about how to fix your website, resize an image, or add a hyperlink?

  • Are you having trouble writing copy that gets people to call or email your business?

It’s a lot to think about. If your head is spinning just reading that short list (there are way more), then let me ease your digital frustration.

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