Lisa Robbins Maple Key Digital SupportHi and Welcome!

You may be wondering why you would hire Maple Key Digital Support to design and maintain your website, social media pages, and advertising campaigns.

First and foremost, it’s super important to me, that you are happy with your online presence, including your website and that it helps you to attract new leads and sales and helps you to communicate with and maintain relationships with your ideal customers.

Here are the other reasons:

I’ve been working with computers for as long as I can remember, well since 1978, when computers permeated the fabric of my life. In the 80s I sold and built computers and taught a variety of software programs to employees in local businesses. Fast forward thirty years through a varied career in administration, computer technologies, teaching and training, writing and editing, web design and online marketing.

I am self taught, having learned through necessity. I build websites and online campaigns to support my own initiatives and that of friends and colleagues. I’ve toyed with various mediums for years and have built many websites using HTML, Joomla and WordPress. Through my own businesses, constant learning and many years of experience, I’ve developed a varied set of skills to help you optimize your web presence. All these skills are incorporated into our digital marketing services so you and whatever work you are doing can benefit from increased exposure, harmonized and effective web assets and continuous online connection with your customers.


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